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How to Save Money While Moving – Furniture Addition

If you are moving to a smaller home, you are probably thinking about downsizing, and getting rid of some furniture that you think may not fit.Fitzgerald 145

But before you give away your furniture, we advise you to hold off on that until you have officially moved into your new place! The last thing anyone wants to do is to get to their new home, and realize that some of the furniture they gave away or sold could have been used.

Now, since you sold or gave away your old furniture, you have to go out and buy new furniture at a price that is probably double what you sold your old furniture for!

Those who have bought new furniture, know it isn’t cheap. So, wait until you are all moved into your new place to sell any furniture; once you’re all unpacked and everything is in place, you can sell some of that surplus and unneeded furniture!

For a free estimate on our moving services, please give Piece by Piece Movers a call at 617-515-9886. We are looking forward to helping you move, and save money in the process!

How to Prepare for Moving Day 1-2 Days In Adavnce

Moving, of course, can be very stressful, especially if you’re not as prepared or organized as you should be on moving day. But if you organize your time, and start packing months in advance, and continue to pack in different spurts throughout the upcoming weeks, you will find that moving day won’t be as stressful.

If you’ve been pretty consistent on your packing throughout the past few months and weeks, this should be all that’s left on your to do list come moving day.

This list, will of course vary for each person, but try to strive to achieve this checklist at least one to two days prior to moving day:

  • Laundry: Be sure that all laundry is done, so that all of your clothes are packed and ready to go.
  • Disconnect all Electronic Equipment:  Disconnect all appliances and electronics, and remove bulbs from lamps. If you are unsure on how to disconnect gas appliances, be sure to call a professional!
  • Defrost the Freezer: If you are bringing the fridge to your new location, make sure you defrost and completely dry it out for transportation.
  • Finish Packing: Put the finishing touches on all packing projects. Be sure to label all boxes to make unloading easier and more organized.

For more information on our moving services, please give Piece by Piece Movers a call at 617-515-9886. We are looking forward to helping make your big move as stress-free and as easy as possible!


How to Prepare for Moving Day

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Moving can be extremely stressful, especially when you’re not as prepared as you should be. But here at Piece by Piece Movers, we want you to be as prepared and as stress-free as possible, so we comprised a checklist you can use prior, and during moving day!

Below you will find a list of some of the steps you can take before and during the big move day:

  1. Be Available & on Site: Make sure your phone is full charged, and that you are fully available, in case we have any questions during the move.
  2. Make Sure Pets & Children are Well Supervised: It is important to make sure children and pets are out of harms way during the moving process.
  3. Take Note on Energy Meter Readings: Be sure to take down readings for both the old and new locations’ energy readings.
  4. Keep all Bedding Material in an Accessible Location: After a long day of moving, the first thing you’re going to want to do is sleep; make sure your bedding material is in a place you can easily find.
  5. Relax! The moving crew here at Piece by Piece Movers will do all the heavy lifting and even packing for you! We will handle all the moving, your only job is to enjoy that first meal in your new home!

For more information about our moving services, or to schedule a free estimate, please give Piece by Piece Movers a call at 617-515-9886.

Moving Company in Wellesley MA

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Here at Piece by Piece Movers, we provide our moving services for both residents and business owners of the Greater Boston area. We recently helped a family of four move across the town of Wellesley; they wanted to move into a bigger house to fit their growing family.

We first gave them a free estimate on the cost and the time frame it would take to complete this in town move. After they expected the terms of the estimate, they scheduled a time to start the move; we always have an open schedule to fit the busiest of schedules.

We were able to load everything up in a timely manner; we always make it an effort to be as careful as possible with all belongings. All of our movers are experienced, and have been trained to efficiently and gently load and unload cargo.

Our moving team was able to make the cross town move with ease. The family was very happy with our moving process, and said that we took the stress right out of moving.

It is always our goal, here at Piece by Piece Movers to provide a stress-free move for all our clients. For more information on our moving company, please feel free to give us a call at 617-515-9886.

Residential Moving

Residential Movers

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Are you looking to move into a new home around the Boston MA area? If so, Piece by Piece Movers is the company to call!

For over five years, we have been helping families move into new homes, apartments, and condos across the Greater Boston area.

Our movers are experienced, athletic, and professional; our goal is to always go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. During each move we are always courteous of each of our client’s time and belongings; we will be sure to do everything in our power to be gentle with each item, and to finish each move on time and within budget.

We have been helping our clients move to new homes since 2005. To schedule a free estimate, please give Piece by Piece Movers a call today at 617-515-9886.