Residing in Boston, Cambridge, and the surrounding urban areas is tremendously convenient. We choose to live here for the wonderful restaurants, beautiful parks, excellent schools, proximity to work, vibrant shopping, and much more. When it comes time to move however, living in apartment or condo buildings present a number of unique factors to consider when planning for a successful move.

Piece By Piece Moving and Storage is a company with close to a decade of experience forecasting issues before they unexpectedly hijack your move day. We are preferred vendors for many buildings in the areas we service. Having that familiarity allows us to work alongside building management to make your move that much easier. Should you select us for your apartment relocation please expect the following:

  • A seasoned and responsive move consultant who will provide a realistic cost estimate, take the time to understand your concerns, and follow through on the promises they extend
  • We will explain all your options regarding parking permits and liability coverage
  • We will ensure your movers have appropriate equipment to expedite moves involving elevators and long walks
  • We only hire athletic movers who move efficiently and are accustomed to running stairs all day and navigating tight stairways with large furniture.
  • We have hoisting equipment, cranes, and resources if a piece unexpectedly needs to be moved through a window or over a deck.
  • We will always issue a Certificate of Insurance with workers comp, auto, general aggregate, inland marine, cargo, and umbrella coverages – This ensures you will not be left liable for property damage or if someone hurts themselves while on the job
  • We will coordinate directly with building management to save you from the back and forth as well as any unpleasant surprises. These considerations might include securing elevator reservations, understanding the allowable hours of operation, elevator and floor protection mandates, and other specific move protocol we must follow in a particular building.