The first question from many of our client’s mouths is “how much does it cost for you to pack all the boxes?” Undoubtedly, the time saving and stress reducing benefits of enlisting full or partial packing services are significant. If you are curious about our professional packing services we are always happy to schedule an on-site appointment.  An in-person meeting is the best way for us to clearly assess the volume of packing, provide you with an accurate estimate, and discuss any unique packaging for sensitive antiques, artwork, or items of high value. Should you choose to engage our packing services please expect the following

  • We will assign a seasoned move consultant who will take the time to understand your concerns and who will serve as your point of contact throughout the planning, packing, move, and settling in stages
  • We provide a thorough explanation of the packing process and set realistic expectations.
  • We will tailor packing services to meet your budget and agreed upon timeframe
  • We will inform you of all your liability coverage options when hiring a professional mover to perform packing services.
  • We will provide an accurate and up front estimate detailing all the material and labor costs
  • We will furnish an appropriate number of crew and complete the project in a reasonable timeframe on each day.
  • You will receive a communicative and thoughtful crew who is capable of packing and labeling boxes professionally