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Piece By Piece Moving and Storage acquires Mercury Moving and Storage Systems

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Formally based in Avon, Scituate, and Ashland, Mercury Moving and Storage Systems has been providing memorable service to clients in the south and western Boston suburbs since 1997. A family owned business, over the past two decades Mercury earned a well-deserved reputation for attention to detail, consistency, and personalized service.

It became evident, as expected, the Mercury crew members were indeed hard working and proud of the company they built. Our concerns about culture fit were quickly assuaged as we began integrating the crews. The merger was realized in April of 2016, so we have over a year of servicing Mercury clients under our belts. The Mercury brand gives us a presence and greater familiarity with the south shore suburbs as we continue to earn business in areas where we had very little name recognition prior to the acquisition.

On a personal note, we have great respect for the former owners of Mercury Moving Systems. Wonderful people whose primary concern was pleasing clients for close to 20 years. We hope to keep the Mercury brand and reputation intact well into the future. Mercury Movers cleverly refers to the planet Mercury, which is the “fastest moving” planet in our solar-system. The Piece By Piece/ Mercury Moving and Storage team now share in the pursuit of being the fastest, most efficient, and safest movers around!