Employee Profile: Nathan Kramer

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Nathan Kramer
Accounting & History, Double Major
Rising Senior, Swim Team at Holy Cross

As a college athlete at Holy Cross College, Nathan only works at Piece by Piece Movers during his summers. He stumbled upon Piece by Piece after his close friend started working for the company. After hearing about the experience he decided to come aboard.

Over the last two years, both in Summer of 2019 (3 ½ months of work) and Summer of 2018 (2 ½ months of work), Nathan has worked hard to make the most out of his experience.

“As an athlete, we’re accustomed to having longer days. And we’re lifting weights year-round.” – Nathan speaks to some of the key skills he has transferred from his collegiate athlete experience to his summer days as a mover and driver for Piece by Piece.

Not only does he feel that his athletic experience helped him with the job, but he also considers his overall college experience as a helpful skill. Nathan feels that college has helped him be more comfortable in social and customer-facing situations.

Overall, Nathan feels that his hard work and time at Piece by Piece paid off. After three and a half summer months working for Piece by Piece in 2019, he calculates that he made a gross income of $21,000!

One of his favorite places to visit while on an interstate move was Charlestown, North Carolina.

“I would definitely recommend it to all my friends. I actually have 2-3 teammates that I am trying to get to join me” – Nathan referring to his work at Piece by Piece.

Nathan plans to join us at Piece by Piece again this summer. We look forward to working with you!